Michael J Trout

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On March 25, 2019, Michael J. Trout passed away peacefully in his home. He was a beloved husband and father to Frances Wontkowski and Sean Trout. He is also the proud grandpa of Kalob. He was Kelly Suarez’s best friend for many years. He enjoyed fishing and boating. He was an active member of the Blue Island East Little League, and he coached a few local hockey players.

Appellants argued that the County did not know that Michael was diagnosed with Sturge-Weber Syndrome until after his birth. They claim that this was not a fair diagnosis. Michael’s parents claimed that the doctor didn’t know that Michael was a candidate to receive that diagnosis. The County and the doctor in question both have expertise in pediatric neurology and pediatrics. The appellants contend that Michael should have been diagnosed with Sturge-Weber syndrome, which is congenital and present at birth.

Michael J Trout
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