Michael Jordan Upper Deck 200

There are several different versions of the Michael Jordan Upper Deck, and some are a bit harder than others. These variations are based on the different types of Jordan cards. The regular Star Rookies cards cost $5 each while the more difficult Electric Diamond parallels are $15 to $20. If you are looking for a low-cost Michael Jordan card, the lower-grade Upper Deck Star Rookie card is a good option.

Upper Deck Collector’s Choice basketball card have silver and gold signature parallels, and are a lot cheaper. These cards aren’t the most attractive, but they are still worth collecting. This card shows Jordan in basketball statistics and baseball, and also features a golfer icon. The gold and silver parallels are slightly more than $10.

His cards were no longer of the highest quality after Michael Jordan’s 1993 retirement from the NBA. Upper Deck even put him on a baseball card, paired with Harry Caray, who was the Chicago White Sox announcer and radio guy before the Cubs. You can probably find a few of these cards for a couple of bucks, but they’re cool nonetheless.

Michael Jordan’s basketball cards have a lot of historical value, as the only other card featuring the great player has the perfect score of 50. While he never played major league basketball, he played minor league baseball. Upper Deck produced his cards and distributed them in both retail and wholesale. Eventually, the popularity of the Upper Deck basketball cards grew and the cards were released to hobby shops. The cards quickly hit the market.

The Upper Deck brand is a household name in sports card collecting. Upper Deck is a reliable choice whether you’re looking for Michael Jordan cards or old NBA cards. Upper Deck’s exclusive rights to autograph legendary players have made them a key part of their product line. The 1992 NBA card set is one of the most loved products.

The 1997-98 Upper Deck Game Jerseys Michael Jordan is one of the greatest cards ever produced. It contains 22 cards and is numbered on a very low basis, one per case. There are only a few autographed copies. This set includes autographed cards as well as rare and exciting Michael Jordan cards. Many of the sets are available in unnumbered forms. If you want a lower-priced version, you can check the Fleer Archives.

Michael Jordan Upper Deck 200
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