Michelle Cannimore – Waiver of Court Appearance

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Michelle Cannimore waived her court appearance on Tuesday. She pleaded guilty to aggravated manslaughter in the death of 5-year-old Zykerria Robinson. She is due to appear in court in March. Almarie Doyle, her attorney, said that she will be available when the time comes. Zykerria’s death has prompted an investigation by DCF. This is the 38th child death in Duval County this year.

Investigators discovered bite marks on the girl’s skin from an adult, which was not consistent with a fall. The child also had four bite marks left by an adult. Cannimore admitted to lying to detectives. She claimed that Harris had been abusing the girl since August. She claimed that Harris had punched her child in the face. Police also discovered the mother’s history with domestic abuse. Cannimore’s 6-year old sister witnessed the abuse.

Neighbors said they were afraid of abuse in the home and heard the child screaming. DCF is disgusted by the abuse, and will work with the Jacksonville Sheriff’s Office to determine what happened. A woman who wished to remain anonymous said she noticed a change in Cannimore’s behavior after Harris started dating her. She said Cannimore was not as nice as she used to be, but she did make an effort to be supportive of her children.

Michelle Cannimore – Waiver of Court Appearance
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