Mike Markkula net worth

Mike is an American electrical engineer, businessman, and investor. He was an angel investor and the second CEO of Apple Computer, Inc., providing critical early financing and management support. How rich is Mike Markkula?

Entrepreneur. Born on February 11, 1942 in Los Angeles, California, United States. Mike Markkula net worth is estimated at around 1 billion euros. Markkula was introduced to Steve Jobs and Steve Wozniak while looking for funding to manufacture the Apple II personal computer they were developing after selling a few units of the first version of that computer, the Apple I. With his guidance and funding, Apple ceased to be a partnership and started as a company.

Bourgeois name: Armas Clifford “Mike” Markkula
Mike Markkula size: 1.78 m
Nationality: American
His career began: 1965
Training: University of Southern California

What is Mike Markkula’s net worth?
Mike Markkula is currently worth € 1 billion.

Established organization: Echelon Corporation, ACM Aviation, San Jose Jet Center.
Movies: Jobs, The Silicon Valley Story, Something Ventured.
Is also often searched for: John Sculley, Michael Scott, Ron Wayne, Gil Amelio.

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Mike Markkula net worth

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