Milonair fortune

Milonair is a German rapper of Iranian descent. How rich is Milonair?

Rapper. Born in 1986 in Tehran, Iran. Milonair fortune is estimated at around 700 thousand euros. He grew up in Hamburg-Bergedorf, Germany. His second album Milominati was released on May 20, 2016, on which he worked with rappers like Olexesh, Sido, Manuellsen and Kool Savas.

Bourgeois name: Milad Mirza Nejad
Milonair size: 1.77 m
Nationality: German
His career began: 2012
Cooperation with: Arrest warrant, Hanybal, Capital Bra, Miss Platnum, Joker Bra, Bonez MC, Mosh36, Schwesta Ewa.

What is Milonair’s net worth?
Milonair’s assets are currently € 700 thousand.

Record labels: Audiolith, Major Movez, Blockpanorama Azzlackz.
Music genres: German hip-hop.
Debut studio album: AMG – Foreigners with Money (2014).

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Milonair fortune

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