Ministry of Silly Walks Wall Clock

The Ministry Of Silly Walks Wall Clock was inspired by the Monty Python’s Flying Circus sketch with John Cleese. It has black and white bamboo frames and four different colors for the hands. Independent artists create and sell clocks in a variety sizes, colors, designs. Read on for some tips on creating your own silly walks clock! We have some great ideas to make your home beautiful.

Mission Hill’s episode featured a sketch from “The Ministry of Silly Walks”. It was also referenced in the Andy and Kevin Make Friend series. A character in that episode tries to impress a girl by doing a “great silly walk” from the Ministry of Silly Walks. Moreover, in one issue of the Simpsons, John Cleese is depicted performing goosestep and is labeled as the Minister of Silly Walks.

The sketch’s plot revolves around the satirical role of the Pewtey silly walk. Pewtey, played by Michael Palin, is a scientist who wants to receive a government grant to perfect his silly walk. Pewtey’s routine consists of jerking his left foot at an alternate pace. Right-wing observers interpret the scene as a mockery of government programs. The troupe members believe it’s pure silliness.

The sketch was based on the Ministry of Silly Walks sketch by Monty Python, which was first aired on 15 September 1970. The shortened version of this sketch was later performed at Monty Python Live at the Hollywood Bowl. The sketch features Mr. Teabag (a city gent) who straightens his tie as he walks unorthodoxly through London’s streets until he reaches Ministry of Silly Walks at the northern end of Whitehall. Although the film’s Hollywood Bowl performance skips over the preamble, it is still a funny read.

Ministry of Silly Walks Wall Clock
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