Mixon Or Robinson in Super Bowl LVI

mixon or robinson in super bowl lvi 29696

Which is better in Super Bowl LVI, Mixon or Robinson? If you are a Miami Dolphins fan you might be wondering which one is better. However, there are many factors that you should consider when evaluating the performance. Mixon has a higher ceiling than Robinson, but Mixon is safer because of his higher floor. Mixon is the favorite to win, even with a poor performance.

Mixon has played a few more games than Robinson, but he hasn’t yet put up the numbers Dalvin Cook has. Mixon has not faced the likes Giovanni Bernard or the Lions defense. However, the Lions defense has ranked fifth in allowing rushing yards last season, so even with a mediocre matchup, Mixon could be the better pick this week.

Mixon Or Robinson in Super Bowl LVI
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