Moda Center Section 221

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The Moda Center’s seating bowl is split into three levels. The lower level feels much larger than the upper level, which makes it feel more spacious overall. The arena is large and crowded, with many empty seats. As a result, it can be hard to gauge the intensity of a game unless you know what section you are in. However, if you are lucky, you might find yourself in section 221 at a game you don’t usually attend.

Seating in the Moda Center’s floor section is the most desirable. Because the floor seating is on a flat floor, the view may not be as clear as it would be in the top section, especially if you are tall. The seats in this section are usually numbered from one through forty-two, with the numbers rising from right to left. Ticketmaster and StubHub have tickets for the rescheduled show.

Moda Center Section 221
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