Muhammad Ali fortune

Muhammad Ali was a professional American boxer, activist, and philanthropist. He is considered one of the most important and celebrated sports figures of the 20th century and one of the greatest boxers of all time. How rich is muhammad ali?

Boxer. Born on January 17, 1942 in Louisville, Kentucky, United States. Muhammad Ali fortune is estimated at around 46 million euros. He began training as an amateur boxer at the age of 12. At the age of 18, he won a gold medal in the light heavyweight division at the 1960 Summer Olympics and turned pro later that year. He converted to Islam and became a Muslim after 1961, eventually taking the name Muhammad Ali. He won the World Heavyweight Championship from Sonny Liston in 1964 at the age of 22 in a great turmoil.

Bourgeois name: Cassius Marcellus Clay Jr.
Nickname: The Greatest
Children: Laila Ali, Asaad Amin, Maryum Ali, Rasheda Ali, Jamillah Ali, Khaliah Ali, Hana Ali, Miya Ali, Muhammad Ali Jr.
Muhammad Ali size: 1.98 m
Weight: 107 kg
Nationality: American
His career began: 1960
Weight class: Heavyweight.

What is Muhammad Ali’s net worth?
Muhammad Ali’s net worth is currently € 46 million.

Fights: 61
Victories: 56
Knockout victories: 37
Films: Muhammad Ali, the greatest, The Trials of Muhammad Ali, When We Were Kings – We were once kings.
Is also often searched for: George Foreman, Mike Tyson, Floyd Mayweather, Joe Frazier.

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Muhammad Ali fortune

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