My Dog Accidentally Eaten Palmer’s Cocoa Butter

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A few weeks ago, my dog ate a tablespoon of Palmer’s cocoa butter. I am so sorry! I wish I could get a refund! I can’t believe he ate such a small amount! But I now have a better idea. My dog didn’t show any symptoms! What now? I have to find a replacement! I don’t know where to turn!

This chocolate containing cocoa butter is actually quite dangerous for dogs. Theobromine, which is present in it, can cause nausea, increased blood pressure, and abnormal blood cell activity. Although we can’t have too much chocolate, theobromine in chocolate is toxic to dogs, and it is dangerous at high doses. A small dog would be killed by a large dose of theobromine. Cocoa butter is a fat extracted from the cocoa plant. It is safe to use for topical treatments because it contains very little theobromine.

Although palmer’s cocoa oil is not toxic to dogs it can cause upset stomachs. Coconut oil can cause diarrhea, vomiting, and bloating in some dogs. Consult a veterinarian if you are concerned about your dog’s reaction. Before giving coconut oil to your pet, make sure you consult your vet. Coconut oil can cause severe allergic reactions in dogs. Your pet should be restricted to water or food until the reaction passes.

Palmer’s cocoa butter all-over relief balm is another way to help your dog’s skin problems. This balm is great for dry patches, it’s moisturizing, and it has no scent. It can also be used on the pads of your dog’s feet. It’s safe for your cat too! If your cat accidentally eats shea butter, it will not cause any harm.

Chocolate is not as bad for your dog as it is for us. It contains high levels of theobromine and sugar. The toxic level of cocoa butter in a single ounce is one ounce per pound of body weight. In addition, dogs eat chocolate much more than humans, so one ounce of chocolate is enough for a 20-pound chihuahua! Although chocolate isn’t likely to cause death immediately, it can cause serious health problems.

A dog’s toxicity to cocoa butter depends on several factors, including how much it ate and its weight. It is safe for dogs to eat small amounts of cocoa butter. Cocoa butter is toxic to humans but can be metabolized by dogs. Your veterinarian should be notified if your dog ingests too much cocoa butter. But it’s safe for your dog to eat a small amount of cocoa butter every day.

My Dog Accidentally Eaten Palmer’s Cocoa Butter
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