My Toxic Afghan Love Story

my toxic afghan love story 42010

In a recent article for The New York Times, I described how my toxic Afghan love affair turned out. This story is true and will inspire you to end a toxic Afghan love affair. While the author did not use the term “toxic” in her article, the words “toxic” and “afghan” were spelled out instead. Although I’m not an expert on the subject I do know that it is a topic with which I am very familiar.

Samia’s wedding begins at her parents’ home, and the mullah asks her sweetheart if she knows how a traditional Afghan wedding works. The mullah begins the serious process of preparing the bride. Contrary to Western weddings, the focus of a traditional Western wedding is on “the dress”, hair, and make up. Samia’s story resembles many Afghan weddings, but the end is anything but typical.

My Toxic Afghan Love Story
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