Mystikal Goes Viral With “Help The Bear”

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Mystikal has done it again! The multi-talented artist/songwriter returns with another freestyle, “Help The Bear”. You can also download the video. I hope you enjoy it! We’ve all seen the video – is Mystikal a worthy recipient? Please comment below! We’ll be happy to provide any feedback we can! Don’t forget to share the TikTok video with your friends!

TikTok video

A freestyle by rapper Mystikal has become viral. The video was originally sung by Mystikal for his Invasion Radio on Sirium/XM. It is part of a series called, “Help the Bear.” The rapper’s catchphrase, “help the bear,” was used to warn people about fighting wild animals. The video has gone viral and is apparently the first of its kind.

The video tells the story of a 17-year-old girl from San Gabriel Valley, California who is confronted with a bear. The viral video of the girl pushing the bear away quickly gained a huge following and became the talk on Twitter. It has also been linked to Mystikal’s famous freestyle. In less than 24 hours, the video received millions of views. Here’s a quick clip if you haven’t seen it yet:

No matter how afraid you are of bears, you should leave if you see one. Many people will lose their minds just to protect their family members. Thankfully, Mystikal didn’t hurt anyone. Fortunately, the video has gone viral, with more than 53 million views. It makes us realize that we can’t always protect ourselves and our family from harm. As long as we don’t have to risk our lives, we’ll be safe.

Mystikal has been a prominent part of popular culture for a long time. His latest freestyle recalls his 2012 song “On Da Spot”, which also included a comparison to wrestling. The song is a complement to the video’s message of bear safety. The TikTok video went viral and gained a lot of attention. This is the most popular TikTok video on Twitter right now.


Rapper Mystikal has become a hot topic this week after a video of a brown bear attacking a woman was shared on Twitter. Hailey, a 17-year-old from California, had the courage to fight off the bear and convince it to run away. The bravery of Hailey, a New Orleans rapper, has made her a viral sensation and she has received many flowers. Mystikal has become a popular topic on Twitter thanks to her freestyle video.

Mystikal, a DJ Green Lantern freestyle performer, warned viewers to help the bear whenever they see a wild animal in need. This is especially important when dealing with wild animals, warns Mystikal. In the viral video, Mamadou Ndiaye shows a person shoving a brown bear off a fence and then gathering her pets.

Another video features Mystikal performing bars from a freestyle that went viral back in 2012. In the video, a woman chases a bear that is hovering over her backyard. She manages to shoo the bear away and saves her two dogs. The music video uses lyrics from Mystikal’s song, “On Da Spott.”

Hailey Morinico

Hailey Morinico, her dog Mystikal, and Hailey Morinico have been hailed heroes after a bear attack in Oregon. They pulled the bear from their fence and saved their dogs. However, the video did not depict the actual encounter. After Morinico grabbed one her dogs, the bear was eventually pushed away. Though the two dogs were bitten, Morinico didn’t suffer any permanent damage. Hailey’s mother was also scared by the bear’s presence. The incident was captured on security footage from Hailey’s home.

The video has gone viral thanks to a filmed recording of the incident. Morinico channels the energy of Mystikal as she fights a bear that attacked her dogs. She ran out to push the enormous bear off the wall when she realized the dogs were actually attacking it. Her heroic actions have swept the internet and are making waves today. It’s heartwarming to see two teenagers help a bear in need.

In a video that went viral, a young woman chases a bear and pushes it away. The video has since gone viral, prompting many to reflect on the girl’s actions and cry for help for the bear. Many rap about it, referring to the video of the young girl pushing the bear away. While some say that the girl pushed the bear, others say the bear was protecting its cubs.

Grizzly bear

Rapper Mystikal went viral last week with a song called “Grizzly Bear.” He stated that he was a big animal lover and even performed freestyles for DJ Green Lantern’s Sirium/XM radio station Invasion Radio. He advised viewers to help wild animals whenever possible, including bears. In a TikTok video, Hailey fought a momma bear and got it to flee. Twitter took notice, and Mystikal soon became a trending topic.

The Mystikal song has become a viral hit on Twitter and many have compared it to the legendary grizzly bear. But the video is less about a grizzly bear, and more about a brown bear. The band’s song “Grizzly Bear” became a viral sensation, and the rap group’s “Mystikal” resurfaced the lyrics to fit the viral scene.

The song features rapper rap artist performing two bars on DJ Green Lantern’s Invasion Radio show, Hip Hop Nation and Sirius/XM44. The video was first posted on TikTok by @Mauricestovall on June 22. The caption reads: “Grizzly Bears Help Girls Survive Their Period!” Mystikal quickly became a viral video and was soon one of the most popular topics on Twitter, even before the pic-anic basket was invented. Mystikal fans also noticed the connection between the freestyle rap song and it. This helped increase the song’s popularity.

Hailey Morinico was just 17 years old when she first encountered the mother bear while walking her dogs. The moment was traumatic for Hailey, who had just sprained her finger and fractured her ankle. She was able to escape without injury. The bear refused to be stopped. The two of them were so close to one another, and the mom bear began to swat them.

TikTok lyrics

The Mystikal help bear lyrics are gaining popularity on social media. Mystikal, a New Orleans rapper, has made the song a huge hit. It depicts a bear in the wild, and a woman trying her best to protect her dogs. A recent video shows a teen pushing the bear out of a fence, then running inside to rescue her dogs. The song’s lyrics are now trending on Twitter.

The song’s lyricist, Megan Thee Stallion, has been posting videos on TikTok for almost four years. She recently changed her TikTok username to her stage name. Her song, “Unlock It”, is a pop-punk track. Her lyrics speak volumes about the subject. While she has faced backlash for her daring and provocative lyrics, she’s become a hit on the video-sharing platform.

Mystikal Goes Viral With “Help The Bear”
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