NADD Dock Diving

NADD dock diving is one of the fastest growing dog sports, and a great way to get into the sport! There are many benefits to dock diving, and you can compete at the AKC dog shows, too. You will get to meet your dog’s canine counterparts, and you can earn valuable titles. The organization works to promote dock diving among dog owners, and to bring the sport to more dog events. Here are a few things to keep in mind:

Dock diving is a great sport that is both fun for you and your dog. The competition is split into three different types: distance jumping, air retrieve, and hydro dash. Distance jumping involves a long jump from the dock into the water, while air retrieve requires a dog to swim up to a bumper hung four feet above the surface. With every successful jump, the bumper is moved farther away from the dock. Then, the hydro dash requires a dog to swim to a toy that hangs at the far end of the pool.

The event is open to all breeds, and there are divisions for all ages and sizes. The Open class includes any size dog, and the Lap class is for dogs under sixteen inches at the withers. Lap class dogs can earn the same titles as the Open Class, but they do not have to jump as far. Additionally, there is a veterans division, which is designed for the aging dog. If you’re looking for a great dog sport to compete in, the NADD event is for you!

NADD is also an organization that teaches dock diving to dog owners. The NADD Member Portal answers questions about dock diving and other dock sports. The organization’s Member Portal is full of helpful information about dock diving and how to compete at the event. And you can be proud to show off your dog’s talent in a dock diving competition. And if you’re in the middle of the action, check out the NADD website for more information.

While dock diving isn’t a sport for everyone, it’s a great way to introduce dogs to water. It’s the perfect way to introduce a dog to water gradually and let them get used to swimming and floating. By letting them try dock diving for a few minutes, they’ll be eager to jump into the water and try it for themselves. And remember to clean your dog’s ears after any water activities.

Dock diving is a canine sport that’s growing in popularity. Dogs are lured by a toy thrown from a dock into the water, and then jump out of it. The best ones compete for distance and height, and often use a prized toy to get the best launch angle. In dock diving, the dog’s motivation is based on its prized toy, which helps the dog stay motivated and achieve the best launch angle.

NADD Dock Diving
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