NAFA Flyball – The Sport That’s Fun For the Whole Family

Are you considering joining NAFA Flyball? This article will provide you with all the information you need. This sport is great for all ages! It’s also a great way to compete and learn more about flyball! Now is the right time to sign up if you’ve been contemplating it! There are many benefits to being a part of NAFA Flyball! What exactly is NAFA Flyball?

The sport is based on fast-paced, exciting action. Teams compete in events that last just a few seconds. Each dog runs a course at speeds of between 10 and 30 feet per second. The average time of a race is under 20 seconds, but some teams record under 20 seconds! The record is 16 seconds. It’s a great way to meet people and see flyball at its best! There are many different types of Flyball races.

The NAFA established the rules for amateur flyball competitions. The NAFA also trains judges and sanctions tournaments. It promotes flyball interest. NAFA sanctioned 304 events across the USA and Canada in 2015. This ensures consistency in rules and judges. Over four thousand titles were awarded, and NAFA’s geographic service areas have expanded to include New York, Pennsylvania, and New Jersey. NAFA does not just run competitions!

NAFA stands for North American Flyball Association. Click on the image to see the English translation. You can then print it or share it via email or social media. The website of the North American Flyball Association is a great resource for information about NAFA Flyball. It’s easy to find information about this sport and its regulations on the NAFA website!

The official communication channel between NAFA and its members is through the website of the NAFA Flyball Association. Meeting agendas are posted in advance and delegates can attend via teleconference. Minutes are then approved via email before the next face-to-face meeting. This makes NAFA Flyball easier to access for everyone. Delegates can learn all about the tournament and how it is organized at a NAFA flyball tournament.

NAFA tournaments are divided in age divisions for flyball and agility. All breeds are welcome to participate. Moreover, dogs and handlers from different breeds can also compete in NAFA tournaments. The data is available back to 1991 and is updated periodically. A well-maintained dog agility website will be a valuable asset to any Flyball enthusiast. Before you join NAFA, make sure you check the website.

NAFA Flyball – The Sport That’s Fun For the Whole Family
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