Natural Remedies For Puppus

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If you’re expecting, you probably have some questions about the pregnancy rash known as puppus. There are several natural remedies for this condition. Peppermint oil applied topically to the rash will help to soothe it, and topical menthol cream is another popular treatment among herbalists. Another herbal remedy for puppus is dandelion. Toxins in the body can lead to rashes, and pregnant women’s bodies cannot excrete toxins as easily as normal.

Dandelion root is a blood purifier and liver cleanser, which may help to relieve the symptoms of PUPPS. It can be used as a tea or in capsule form. Try brewing dandelion root tea with a few tsp. of the root. You can also steep nettle leaves into the tea and consume them throughout the day. Other natural remedies for puppus rash include drinking nettle leaf tea.

Although PUPPS rash is not life-threatening, it is unpleasant and a sign of a larger problem. Researchers aren’t sure what causes PUPPS rash, but one theory is that fetal cells that circulate in the mother’s blood may be the source of the problem. This could be why PUPPS occurs after delivery. Researchers are still studying this condition. For now, it’s not clear how to treat PUPPS.

Natural Remedies For Puppus
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