Nazan Ecke’s fortune

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Nazan Eckes is a German television personality. How rich is Nazan Eckes?

TV presenter. Born on May 9, 1976 in Cologne, Germany. Nazan Ecke’s fortune is estimated at around 1.7 million euros. Nazan Eckes graduated from high school in Leverkusen in 1995, where her father worked as a worker in a chemical and pharmaceutical company. Her internship at the music television company VIVA was followed by an 18-month journalistic training at the same broadcaster. In 1998 Üngör came to VIVA as a regular television journalist.

Full name: Nazan Üngör
Spouse: Julian Khol (married 2012), Claus Eckes (married 2000-2007)
Children: Lounis Khol
Nazan Eckes size: 1.68 m
Nationality: German
Her career began: 1998

What is the net worth of Nazan Eckes?
Nazan Eckes’ assets are currently € 1.7 million.

Nazan Eckes Films and TV Shows: Extra – Das RTL-Magazin, Let’s Dance, Explosiv – Das Magazin.
Is also often searched for: Bruce Darnell, Frauke Ludowig, Birgit Schrowange, Daniel Hartwich.

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Nazan Ecke’s fortune

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