NBA Playoffs – Heat Vs Bulls 2014

The Bulls and Heat have met in the NBA playoffs three times. The Bulls won all three games, led by superstar Michael Jordan and coached by Phil Jackson. They finished the season with a record of 62 wins and were the top seed for the East. The Heat came in second with a 38-44 record, and star Derrick Rose. The Bulls won the series, 3-0, and won the Eastern Conference title for the 2nd year in a row.

The Bulls entered the series with championship hopes. They lost Game 5, after falling behind by 20 in the fourth quarter. In the final game of the series, the Bulls had to settle for a fifth-place finish after falling to the Heat. The series was won by Miami 93-79. The Heat went on a 27-game winning streak. The Bulls weren’t to be outdone.

Game three was a thriller. The Heat won 104-94 thanks to a balanced attack led by Chris Bosh and LeBron James. In Game 4, the Bulls shot only 27 percent from their field, while Miami held them to 65 point. The Heat won Game four by nine points and outscored Bulls 16-8 in overtime to win a three-game series. Game five was a thrilling game. Despite being down by three, Heat won Game 5 94-91 to win the series.

In Game three, the Bulls won 94-95 in overtime. In game four, the Bulls held LeBron James to 17 points, and a victory over the Heat in the first round was a major step towards their NBA title dreams. After losing two consecutive games, the Bulls have won four consecutive games, including the last two, but they are no match for the Chicago Bulls. This series could be decided by either the Heat or the Heat in the Eastern Conference.

In the Eastern Conference semi-finals, the Miami Heat defeated Chicago Bulls. Derrick Rose scored 21 points after returning to court following a serious knee injury suffered in April 2012. Carlos Boozer added 17 more points. In all three games, the Heat bench outscored the Bulls’ starters by scoring 47 points in each game and seven in the second. The Miami Heat bench outscored the Bulls’ starters in the third game, and won 83-72 in the final game.

The Miami Heat, led by superstars LeBron James, Dwyane Wade, and Chris Bosh, made their fourth straight appearance in the NBA Finals. They won back-to-back playoff series in 2013. They will be playing the Chicago Bulls for their NBA title title a few years later. There is still a lot of drama ahead. Get ready for an entertaining and tense series.

NBA Playoffs – Heat Vs Bulls 2014
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