New Amsterdam Gin and Vodka Review

New Amsterdam Gin is well-known for its refreshing, zesty flavors. Their flagship ad features a drummer giving 110 per cent to his craft. This gin brand loves to use sports marketing to its advantage and they didn’t disappoint when Ryan Whitney came along. This gin makes a great Negroni. In the case of the classic Martini, this gin is not the best choice.

The company partnered with Barstool Sports, the top hockey podcast, to increase sales of Pink Whitney flavored vodka. Within one year of its launch, the flavored vodka was available in all major retailers across the country. The company has grown to become the country’s fastest-growing flavor vodka, having earned $100 million. To learn more about this new product, the Hustle spoke to Barstool Sports CEO Erika Nardini, who had already produced three podcasts prior to joining the brand.

New Amsterdam Gin is made from the finest corn, but the vodka is distilled five more times and filtered three more times to get the perfect flavor. Its flavor is reminiscent of sweet frosting with a faint citrus aroma. Despite the price, New Amsterdam is a good choice for cocktails or Martinis, but it is not recommended for muddled fruit. New Amsterdam’s gin is more popular for mixing than mixing with mixers, so it may be better to add some fresh lemon juice or lime juice to your cocktail.

New Amsterdam is a great place to find a quality gin. The brand was originally launched in 2008 as a gin, but it also released its vodka in 2011. It has been a well-known brand ever since and has released two vodka flavors: Gin, and Vodka. Unlike many other gin brands, this one is fairly accessible and value-driven. Its target audience is the millennial crowd.

New Amsterdam Gin and Vodka Review
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