New Balance 550 Sneaker

The New Balance 550 is a sneaker that is both stylish and comfortable. The classic look of the New Balance 550 is achieved with a muted colour scheme that features white uppers, yellow midsoles and contrasting branding hits. The redesigned silhouette also features a new colorway: olive green. The 550 was created in collaboration with French designer Aime Len Dore and is available in a variety stylish colors.

The new 550 is available with a variety of color options. Also, the collaboration Aime Leon Dore x New Balance is also available. These will be available on the New Balance website later in the year. Both the New Balance 550 and Aime Leon Dore collaboration are expected to retail for $130. The 550 has come a long way since its inception and is now a very popular sneaker among casual wearers.

The 550 was originally released in 1980 as a budget-friendly basketball shoes. However, it remained relatively unpopular for decades until Aime Leon Dore redesigned it and made it more stylish. The designer was able to revive the shoe and hosted three sets of collabs with other designers. The third set was in white and olive green.

The 550 is made from top-quality leather. Available in a variety of colors, it has an old-school look while being extremely lightweight. This shoe is perfect for anyone looking for comfort and style. The leather upper has a classic N logo on the side profiles. The 550 is also available in several bright colorways.

New Balance 550 Sneaker
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