New Bedford Shooting

A letter discovered by a New Bedford High School janitor outlines a plan for a Columbine-style shooting at the school on Monday. The letter describes the use of explosives and weapons and the intent to kill fleeing students, then shoot himself once the police arrive.

Luis Miranda, 36, was the victim. He died from his injuries. Two New Bedford-based suspects have pleaded guilty. They will appear in New Bedford District Court later in the year. One suspect is a former officer of the police and the other is an excon. The other was arrested by authorities after he was shot. Authorities have not revealed the motive for the shooting.

The man found shot in New Bedford was 36 years old and pronounced dead at the scene. His name is being withheld until his next-of-kin is notified. Investigations are ongoing into the incident. The identities of the suspects have not been released. Regardless of the motive, the SouthCoast community is processing the events that unfolded at Robb Elementary School.

They are being charged with murder, armed attack with intent to kill, and accessory to murder. Jonathan Medina Perez (41), and Jonathan Goncalves (29), are the suspects. According to the arrest report, both men were found in a Chrysler Sebring just after the shooting.

Police captured a suspect in the New Bedford shooting and arrested him. He is currently being held and will be arraigned at New Bedford District Court on April 29, 2022. The victim was identified as Naurik Michel-Brown. Marcus Hubbard, a Sawyer Street resident, was also taken into custody and has been released.

The case is still ongoing. Cambra pleaded guilty to several crimes, including multiple shootings in Fall River and New Bedford. Cambra was taken into custody in March 2021. Cambra will continue serving his sentence in prison. ATF agents are investigating the case. Ultimately, this case will have to be resolved. At this point, it is important to remember that the shooting was not a random act, but rather a deliberate act.

New Bedford Shooting
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