New Bern Nanny Lauren Rowe Arrested on Child Abuse Charges

Those looking for the best babysitter in town may want to consider hiring nanny Lauren Rowe. The New Bern nanny has been working for the family for nearly five years. She is well-known for her kindness and ability to work with children. She is currently facing multiple criminal charges and will need to post a $2,500 bond in order to be released. According to reports, the New Bern Police Department is reviewing weeks worth of surveillance footage.

Lauren Rowe’s video of a baby being forced to eat from the nanny camera has gone viral. It was uploaded to Facebook and has been viewed by thousands. Rowe faces a misdemeanor charge of child abuse. Although it may not seem like much it is still shocking for the community. It also shows Rowe abusing a child who’s too young to understand why they’d do it.

A couple from New Bern, North Carolina hired a child-care provider. They were shocked to discover that the provider had forced-fed their toddler. The child care provider was arrested on Thursday and faces charges of child abuse. The couple is angry, distraught, and heartbroken. They want to prevent child abuse in the future and to find a better child-care provider. It’s clear that Rowe’s case will make a huge impact on the community.

The video appears to show Rowe putting food in the child’s mouth and restraining the child’s right arm while trying to force-feed the child. The parents took the video to police and Rowe was arrested on the charge of child molestation. They posted part of the video to their Facebook page. Despite the charges against Rowe, she remains on probation, but the case is still in the early stages.

Lauren Rowe is a New Bern babysitter. After a viral video of her abusing a toddler on Facebook, she was arrested for child abuse. The video has been shared over six thousand times. The parents of the child alleged Rowe have shared the video to help other parents avoid hiring her. It is important to find the best babysitter in New Bern if you are looking for one.

The first person to congratulate the family on this honor is the child. The couple has had three children in the last few years: Lauren, James, and James. The children love their mother very much and cherish her. They will never forget her. Harvey Rowe and Rowe have become close friends over the years and are now like family. They also kept in touch via the internet.

New Bern Nanny Lauren Rowe Arrested on Child Abuse Charges
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