New Brunswick Shooting

Recent shootings have been focused on New Brunswick. Three people were shot and injured. The incident is under investigation by police. A 47-year-old man was identified as the victim. His name is Barry Deloatch. The Orbeez Challenge was the inspiration for the shooting. It involves shooting frozen jelly-like balls from paintball and airsoft guns. These balls can cause severe injuries, including piercings or bruises. The victims were all treated at a hospital.

New Brunswick man has been charged with three counts each of attempted murder and first-degree conspiration to commit murder. He is also charged for a weapons offense. Hoagland is currently being held in custody while awaiting a hearing. He is currently being held at the Middlesex County Jail.

Police are searching for a gray or sliver sedan with the New Jersey plate number, E71. It is not known if the shooter was armed or if he was playing paintball. It is not known if pedestrians were struck. Anybody with information about this incident is asked for assistance by the New Brunswick Police Department.

The investigation into the shooting continues. Two men were arrested by police, one from New Brunswick and one from Georgia. Both men have been charged with attempted murder and second-degree unlawful possession of a firearm. Both men will be tried in November. During the trial, they will be able to testify about the circumstances surrounding the shooting.

The arrest of Hoagland and Hill-Staten has led to several charges of conspiracy to commit murder. Both men were taken into custody on Thursday. Both men are currently being held in Florida while they await extradition hearings. Hoagland is currently at Middlesex County Adult Correction Center, while Hill-Staten remains in Florida awaiting extradition hearing.

Police are investigating a shooting that took place outside of a New Brunswick residence. The suspect was a 20 year-old man who was not cooperative with investigators. A gunshot to the leg was reportedly the victim’s last known location. The victim was taken to a local hospital.

The investigation is ongoing. The motive for the attack has yet to be identified. The shooting happened in the vicinity of the College Avenue Student Center. A shooting also occurred within half a mile from the college on September 13. Police believe someone broke into the party, which was held off campus. As of Wednesday, four people were wounded. The other victim was treated for minor injuries.

New Brunswick Shooting
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