New Capenna Commander Decklists

New Capenna’s Streets of New Capenna expansion brings new Commander decklists that represent each of the five different crime families in the city. These decklists all feature their own unique strategies and mechanics. Whether you’re planning to build a deck to dominate your next tournament, draft, or play in a casual game, these decklists can help you get started.

The New Capenna Commander set contains one hundred cards, including 17 new MTG Commander cards and powerful reprints. It also includes two foil commanders as well as ten double-sided tokens. It also includes a cardboard deck box and guaranteed rare boosters. This set is a great choice for new players to EDH and for experienced players looking for a more robust, strategy-oriented deck.

Streets of New Capenna expansion has been a huge success, with more than one million players playing the game. The cards in the expansion are unique and incredibly powerful. They feature five different crime families, three-colored ally colors, and two foil Commanders. These cards can also be played in tournaments, making them a great choice for competitive players.

One of the most popular decks in this expansion is based on the combination of blue, red, and black. This combination of colors makes it easy to cast spells, and receive additional benefits. You can also make use of powerful cards like Connive and Instant. These cards are extremely effective in both colors and have an optional graveyard subtheme.

Counters theme deck is similar. It focuses on creatures that have +1/+1 counters. This deck has one of the highest value cards in the format, Resourceful Defense. It shuffles counters up to the top of the deck whenever creatures die, and does so at a very low cost.

There are decklists that excel, just like most commanders. However, you should note that rankings are subjective. It is possible to prefer one deck over another simply because you prefer spells over creatures. The commander’s quality is another factor that influences deck ranking.

Several of these decklists rely on a Commander with the abilities to double or triple pump the same Creature. They also play nasty games with life totals. Another type of deck is the goad or token deck. It is important to create a deck with good synergy and maximize its potential.

New Capenna Commander Decklists
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