New Dog Mount in Final Fantasy XIV

If you want to have a dog mount in Final Fantasy XIV, there are several ways to do so. You can purchase one from the Final Fantasy XIV store. In addition to the Megashiba, there are also some new streetwear outfits. These outfits are available for $24 each.

The Megashiba, a lovable, fluffy dog, has three unique actions when mounted. It can bark, wag his tail, and make sad faces. Its Twitter account has received a flurry of retweets after a tweet announcing its arrival. This makes it stand out among other dog mounts and adds fun to the game.

The Megashiba mount was unveiled on June 30, and went on sale the same day. Players posted photos and impressions of the pet, causing it to become very popular. Twitter briefly trended #ShibaInuMount. Despite being a relatively new dog mount, fans are already looking forward to playing it. They are eager to test the new ability and see how it performs in battle.

In addition to the Kamuy dog mount, the Stormblood dog mount is also available. To obtain this mount, however, you must complete the Stormblood questline. To unlock the Stormblood mount, you must complete the Song in The Key of Kugane quest.

Another new dog mount in Final Fantasy XIV is the Argos mount. This mount can be used in conjunction with the Endwalker Main Scenario quest. You can earn a Whistle by completing this quest. Whistle is a key to unlocking the Argos mount.

New Dog Mount in Final Fantasy XIV
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