New Found Glory Setlist

The New Found Glory setlist is a solid representation of the band’s sound, and you’ll be happy to know that the group has played just about every song from their debut album at every concert. They’ve played over 40 songs at their shows. Let’s take a closer look. Here are their top songs from the album. They are listed in order of their appearances on the new album. Some of them have made the setlist while they were on the road promoting the album.

New Found Glory’s 2002 album “Sticks and Stones” was a huge success and helped boost the group’s popularity. They still record regularly and will be celebrating this milestone with their 20 Years of Pop Punk Tour. This tour will feature songs from two of their six albums, but unlike a regular set, the songs will be played out of order, making every night unique and memorable. Check out their setlist if you haven’t seen New Found Glory live before.

New Found Glory will perform in San Diego on November 26th, in addition to their national tour. During this show, they will perform with The Ataris, so don’t miss it! Tickets to these shows are on sale now, and are selling fast! You can also buy New Found Glory concert tickets at Vivid Seats. They offer a 100-day money-back guarantee, so you’ll have peace of mind that your purchase is safe.

This setlist will not tell you the whole story of the tour but it will give you an indication of the quality of that tour. The band premiered “Bobby Jean” on the tour, so the band dropped Two Hearts and reordered the encores for the sake of the quality of the show. In addition to being better known for their music, they’ve become more popular than ever. They’ve been playing their best shows in years and will continue to do so.

This tour was almost 3 hours long, and the setlist was heavy on covers from the ’60s. Springsteen did take requests for cover songs, and played “The Fuse” for the Columbus show, but it wasn’t enough. He played three originals, and three covers. “Darlington County” was one of them, and many fans were worried that he would play it after the 9/11 attacks. However, the song was played with the original line intact.

“Bobby Jean” was one of the rare songs that was played on the show. It was also featured in the August performance. “Dancing in the Dark” and “The River” were played in the encore, as well, as was the band’s latest hit, “Spirit in the Night.” A medley from their debut album was also returned by the group. Despite the setlist’s long list of rarities, it is a good way to hear “Bobby Jean” on a live show.

New Found Glory Setlist
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