New Haven Fire Department

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New Haven is home to a strong fire department that protects lives and property. They are also available to respond to medical emergencies and disasters. The mission of the fire department is to prevent fires and protect the public. Here are some facts about the New Haven Fire Department. It may surprise you to learn that they are ISO class one. The New Haven Fire Department also offers extensive training programs. The fire department’s training division is made up of seven certified Fire Instructors and is led by the Director of Training.

The New Haven Fire Department has more than 120 firefighters and is divided into two battalions. They have 10 engine companies, 4 truck companies, 1 heavy rescue company, 1 mobile command unit, hazmat unit, and 1 fireground rehabilitation unit. They provide firefighting services as well as emergency medical care and transport paramedics in medical emergencies. The New Haven Fire Department has the largest fire department. Besides firefighting, they respond to medical emergencies, motor vehicle accidents, and medical emergencies.

New Haven Fire Department
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