New Jersey Swamp Dragons

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Although the name New Jersey Swamp Dragons may seem odd for an NBA team, it is actually quite logical. First of all, it was a nickname that the Toronto Raptors embraced and tried to push the Nets to adopt. It was even picked by ESPN, which caused outrage and ridicule from fans.

As a professional sports uniform designer, there are always new ways to make things more interesting. Given that the New Jersey Nets were formerly known as the Brooklyn Nets back in the 1990s I can see why they would want to have a unique name and logo. This would give the franchise a new look that will draw more fans to their arena. This would be a huge boost for the team.

The name Swamp Dragons was never made a reality. After a backlash, the Nets’ ownership group pulled out of the name change plan. In addition, the team’s seven-man ownership group decided that the name change wasn’t appropriate. However, the name Swamp Dragons did not become a reality for another couple of years, and the Nets’ ownership group has since moved to Brooklyn.

New Jersey Swamp Dragons
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