New Kensington PA Weather

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The weather in New Kensington, PA can be very unpredictable. Its average temperatures fall between 24 and 37 degrees Fahrenheit on a daily basis. The coldest month is January, when the high temperature falls to 24 degrees. Fortunately, the rest of the year is fairly mild. You should be aware of several important climatic events.

Summers in New Kensington are warm, and winters are cool and partly cloudy. The temperature rarely falls below 6 degrees or rises above 90 degrees, and it’s rarely chilly. In addition, temperatures typically rise above 74 degrees Fahrenheit from May 25 to September 18. July is the hottest month.

The wind intensity in New Kensington varies a great deal throughout the year. New Kensington weather is much windier between November 15 and April 26. During this time, the average hourly wind speed was over five miles an hour. August is the calmest month in the year, with an average wind speed of 3.4 miles per hour.

New Kensington PA Weather
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