New Legendary Cards in Clash Royale

Clash Royale will now have a new arena, the Frozen Peak. This arena is level eight and will be available to players with 2300-3000 trophy points. The Legendary Arena, however, will be open to players with 3,000 trophies and higher.

The Mother Witch is the new legend card in Clash Royale, and it’s the first since The Fisherman. It’s a unique addition to the game’s legendary deck. The new season will launch on 7 December. It is one of the strongest Witch cards in the game, with stats to prove it.

Clash Royale’s Mother Witch card is extremely powerful, especially when it comes to weak targets like buildings. To get this powerful card, you have to complete the challenges in Season 18 to unlock it, which you can only do by obtaining chests. Once you’ve unlocked it, the Mother Witch will be upgraded to King level.

Some of the new Legendaries can be used against swarms. The Mother Witch is an excellent choice for clearing waves because of her high attack speed. She works well with golems. The Fisherman has maintained its position at the bottom of the Legendary list since its nerf, but it still provides some situational utility. The fisherman is slow but packs a surprising punch.

Players can earn gold by participating on challenges, in addition to the legendary cards. A classic challenge costs 10 gems, while a free challenge will give you a legendary deck. Grand Challenges cost 100 gems and are also available. These challenges pit players against experts who have more than 6000 trophies.

Clash Royale’s card library is constantly growing. There are currently 18 Legendary Cards available. These powerful cards are available for purchase in the shop. They have unique abilities and attacks. Other ways to get them include unlocking chests in Arena 7 or purchasing guaranteed legendarys from the Legendary King.

New Legendary Cards in Clash Royale
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