New Mexico Lottery

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The New Mexico lottery offers a variety of jackpot prizes. There are both regular, small-jackpot and national draw games. These include Mega Millions or Powerball. You can also buy scratch cards for as little as a dollar up to $20. The jackpot prize value increases the more you spend on a ticket. You can win merchandise, vacations or free tickets.

Tickets to Lotto America cost $1 each, but you can buy more than one. There are six numbers on each ticket, and the All-Star Bonus Multiplier option can increase the number of times you can win non-jackpot prizes. You can also choose to play the lottery’s Quick Pick box, which randomly chooses all six numbers.

In New Mexico, the lottery is government-run. The results of each game are publicly available. Winners are subject to the New Mexico Public Records Act. The New Mexico Lottery Authority began selling scratcher and Powerball tickets in April 1996, with the first drawing taking place in February 1997.

Every Wednesday and Saturday, the lottery draws a winner. Ticket sales run until 09:00 p.m. MT. The September 10, 2022 drawing for Lotto America New Mexico is scheduled. For the past 30 days, NM Lotto America’s winning numbers are available in the table below. The table below shows the winning number and the jackpot prize. The number of winners is also listed in the table.

New Mexico Lottery
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