New Nintendo 3DS XL Galaxy Edition

Only a few shops carry the New 3DS XL Galaxy Edition. It is currently available at a price of 7,500 pesos per unit and 8,000 pesos per package. It is in great condition, has an excellent battery life, and comes with 6 AR Cards. It also includes the manual.

The device features two colors: purple and metallic blue. This is the North American edition. The standard Metallic Black and Red are the other colors. The New 3DS XL is able to replace faceplates, but it will only come in the color you choose.

The New 3DS XL has a larger screen and a new C Stick. It also has higher processing power than the original 3DS, which makes 3D games look better than ever. The Galaxy New Nintendo 3DS is priced the same as the standard New Nintendo 3DS XL. However, some gamers may prefer to wait for a price drop before purchasing one.

Although both New 3DS models are capable, the New 3DS XL has a more immersive screen and a longer battery. The larger version is better for those who play more games at home and in the car. But the smaller console will also offer a higher level of customization.

New Nintendo 3DS XL Galaxy Edition
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