New Orleans Weather in January

January is New Orleans’ mildest month. The average temperature is 17degF (or 46degC), and there are fewer rainy days than in the summer months. The average monthly rainfall is 117mm. The average daily amount of sunshine is about five hours.

January averages just under five inches of rainfall. Although there are periods of cloudy weather, the average temperature is moderate. At 55 percent, the humidity level is low. It is therefore possible to feel colder than it actually is. However, this isn’t a bad thing if you enjoy walking or biking around the city.

Spring is New Orleans’ festival season. The temperatures during this time are in the low fifties and high sixties. During this time, festival goers may want to bring a rain jacket and comfortable shoes. They may also want to bring a light sweater for the evening. However, it is important to remember that the summer months are extremely hot and humid. Temperatures can reach the upper-80s to mid-70s in June and July. It is also possible to have rain in June and July. Tourists should bring sun hats, sunglasses, and sunscreen.

Although the winter months are quieter, January is still a great month to visit the city. The city is not too crowded and has fewer festivals. Visitors may also have the opportunity to see Christmas lights at Celebrations under the Oaks in January. Despite the relatively mild winter months, temperatures in New Orleans are usually quite pleasant all year round. However, July and August can be quite hot and Mardi Gras season is from February to May.

New Orleans Weather in January
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