New Rochelle Fire Announces Death of 60-Year-Old Woman

new rochelle fire announces death of 60 year old woman 52406

A fire in New Rochelle has forced the closure of North Avenue in the downtown area. The cause of the blaze has yet to be determined, but a fire investigation is under way. The fire is believed to have started accidentally. It is not yet known if the fire caused any injuries. The scene was also attended by firefighters from nearby departments.

Thursday morning saw a fire break out in a mixed-use structure in New Rochelle. It claimed the life of a woman. The fire, which began shortly before six a.m., jumped to five alarms before firefighters were able to enter the building. The victim was the building’s building superintendent, Judith Musumeci, who was 60 years old. Officials are offering condolences for her family, though the fire was not believed to be intentional.

New Rochelle Fire Announces Death of 60-Year-Old Woman
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