New Sets in Royale High

A new set in the Roblox game Royale High is now available. The new Starry Outfit debuted in the game’s New Year 2021 event and was released on December 30, 2020. It was later released again for the New Year 2022 event, and was offered as a reward for quests completed during the event. However, players should note that they may not be able to find the set in the game’s shop, so they may have to trade with other players.

The new Royale High Set is called the Fluttering Butterfly Set and is available for 71,000 Diamonds in the shop. It includes the Fluttering Butterfly Bodice, Skirt, Heels, and Sleeves, as well as the Miss Lady Rose Bodice and Skirt. The Fluttering Butterfly Set is the most expensive Royale High set in the game, but it includes the most beautiful items available to purchase.

The Royale Rebel set is available for girls and boys. It has a limited run of 113,000 diamonds, and will only be available during the Halloween 2020 event. It includes a spiked veil, sheer laced gloves and sleeves, a locket pendant bice, a bustle skirt, and boots. Despite being a Halloween set, the new Royale Rebel set also includes a male set – Royale Rebel Laced Boots.

A Christmas 2021 set is another new set to look out for. The Christmas 2021 set is available for purchase for 198,000 diamonds. The set is also available during the Christmas 2021 Event, but it will only be available for a limited time from November 15th to January 31st. If you miss the set’s debut, you can either wait for it to return or trade it with another Royale High player.

The Royale High Wiki classifies items as sets for documentation purposes. It is important to note that this policy is different from the way the game is played, as some items are categorized as collections instead of sets. However, these items are not included on the Sets page. There are also permanent sets that remain available throughout the year. You can check out the Category:Permanent Sets to see which ones are currently available for purchase.

The Peppermint Princess Set was also released in November 2021. The set included the skirt and bodice, and players could purchase the sleeves for 59,000 Diamonds. This set is also available in male form. It is also available for sale in the game’s virtual stores. A Peppermint Princess Set is available exclusively for girls, and a male version is available as well.

The Dear Dollie set is another permanent set that contains six items. The set contains a Cage Skirt, Laced Bodice, Gloves, and Bow. These six items will be available in the shop. The Dear Dollie set will be available in the game for 120,000 Diamonds.

New Sets in Royale High
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