New Town Manga – Going to a New Town I

new town manga going to a new town i 49099

If you are a fan of new town manga, you are probably wondering when the next chapter is scheduled to be released. While there are currently 48 chapters online, the author has not yet confirmed a release date, based on the upload rates of the previous chapters, it is likely to be August 12th, 2022. This may change as the author plans to upload two chapters at once. We will keep you informed about the latest developments.

The first chapter of the New Town manga’s New Town manga is Going To a New Town I. This chapter is written by Lee Wan and illustrated by Kim Suna. The manga’s protagonist is a teenage boy named Himchan, a school teacher who has never been quiet in his life. He tries to make the children’s stories as funny as possible, focusing on issues that they might encounter. The plot is based on an event that occurs in New Town.

New Town Manga – Going to a New Town I
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