New Trier Aquatics Celebrates Its 100th Anniversary

New Trier Aquatics is celebrating its 100th year. Both the girls and boys teams finished 2011-2012 with winning records. The girls team also won the Illinois state championship. The team’s members include state champions and rising seniors. The team is comprised of students from Naperville North, Libertyville, and Maine South.

The growth of competitive swimming in America is evident in New Trier’s aquatics history. Prior to the 1970s, swimming was mostly a summer sport, or a private club sport. New Trier girls were involved in swimming programs, including water ballet, and the New Trier Guard. Before the competition program was created, girls were involved in non-competitive swimming and as timers.

The team’s storied program has also welcomed several high-profile swimmers. One of its most famous graduates is Edgar Jackson, who earned his Masters degree in physics while at Northwestern University. His career in coaching has also taken him to several roles within the USA Swimming organization. He currently serves as the COO of Streamline Teams. His athletes have competed at both the national and international levels.

The New Trier aquatics program has eight separate swim programs throughout the year. Varsity aquatics is the largest and oldest, but there is also a swim team for younger swimmers and a recreational swimming program for kids. The coordinator of these programs, Dave Robertson, 35, prefers to be called a “director” rather than a coach.

New Trier Aquatics Celebrates Its 100th Anniversary
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