New Updates For Soothe2 and Spiff

You might be interested in Spiff and Soothe2 as effects plugins. These tools are dynamic resonance suppressors, which automatically detect problematic resonances and apply matching reduction. Both plugins are very useful tools for audio mastering. But what makes them different? You can choose the one that suits your needs best.

You can adjust the compressor, expander, EQ, and transients in the basic view. Each one has global controls such as Cut or boost, as well as a depth control that acts like a master threshold. There are many dynamic controls available, including the Delta control that allows you to see the difference between unprocessed and processed signals. Both plugins can be used simultaneously.

The latest updates for Soothe2 and Spiff are designed to make the software more useful for recording drums. This feature allows users to add attack to drums without causing excessive boominess. Moreover, Spiff can also be used to remove close mics from drum recordings. The company plans to introduce these two new updates at the NAMM show in Anaheim. It will be available at the NAMM show in Anaheim in the coming weeks.

Soothe2 works by moving in concert with the source across the frequency spectrum. It targets the unwanted resonances by balancing the sound of the microphone, the room, and the vocalist’s tone. The same principle is applied to Soothe, so that Soothe and Spiff are responsive and precise, enabling users to concentrate more on the music while recording. Soothe is a top-rated vocal effects plugin, and the new updates to Soothe and Spiff will be a great help for professional studios.

New Updates For Soothe2 and Spiff
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