New World Chunk of Adderstone

Chunk of Adderstone is a rare resource that can be used to craft perks on items in the New World. It is a Tier 3 resource that can be mined by mining boulders or lodestone. Lodestone is found in all territories and can be mined to get chunk of adderstone.

Trading Posts allow you to buy and sell chunks of Adderstone. To sell them, simply place an Order to Sell and enter the name of the item. This will allow you sell the item at a high price. These items can also be used to craft armaments.

The New World Sliver of Adderstone, although rare, serves an important purpose. It can be used to craft mods and can increase the size of bags. It can also be used to make bags that have extra pockets. These extra pockets will help you carry more items.

The Sliver of Adderstone can be purchased from Trading Posts. However, it is a rare item that will require a significant investment. The good news is that Rare Items can be cultivated using a variety of methods including mining luck gear or breaking boulders. This will allow you to save more money and make more rare items.

New World Chunk of Adderstone
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