New World of Warcraft Scrivener Quests

If you have completed the first few quests in the game, then you may be ready to begin working toward becoming a Scrivener. To become a Scrivener you must attain a certain level and complete a few quests including the Trial of the Syndicate Advancement Scivener. To attain this rank, you must have a certain amount Faction Reputation. After that, you will be able to complete the Syndicate Advancement Scrivener quest.

Getting started on the Syndicate Advancement: Scrivener questline is a great way to earn reputation quickly. This questline requires players to gather 3,000 faction reputation and reach level 24 before they can begin. These requirements must be met before the quest will appear. You can start the main quests in the trial on the same day.

During the Trial of the Syndicate mission, you’ll travel to Walsham’s Field to collect Soul Traces from the missing Gheist Malikor. To get this mission, you can fast travel to Everfall or walk to Walsham. Make sure you are at least level 24 before you start this quest. Next, you will need to travel to Shadowmine Shrine. Once you reach this area, you will receive the Trace Absorber.

Trial of the Scrivener: To complete this quest, you will need a Trace Absorber as well as a Psychokinetic Absorber. In the cemetery, the Lost Gheist Malikor will spawn. This mob hits hard. The best way to kill it is to use Nature and ice. You can also use lightning to deal secondary damage. If you can defeat the Gheist Malikor, you will be rewarded with a Trace Abssorber worth turning in to Laurientus Crockes.

Once you have created a character, it is possible to choose from one of the factions. As you will receive bonuses and be selected for wars more often, it is a good idea to join the faction with the most players. If you don’t have any friends who play New World you can join any faction you wish. Marauders are a brutal military force who are bent on becoming a free nation. Marauders can thrive as a free player in this faction.

New World of Warcraft Scrivener Quests
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