New Yeezys 2022 Water-Friendly Sneaker

Earlier this month, adidas Yeezys made a splash by releasing a water-friendly sneaker. The new sneakers are made of algae and are breathable, water-friendly and quick-draining. They were originally due to release on April 16, but have been delayed until April 22.

These sneakers will retail at $220 They will also be sold in select countries. They will be available in all sizes, and in a variety colors. Yeezys were first introduced in June 2020. They have been a huge success in just two years. The brand has since released 12 color options.

Onus posted images of the new sneaker and revealed a more clay-like appearance and all-over baby-blue. The earthy color scheme hints at the latest obsession Ye and co have had with earth-tones. Yeezy fans can check out the official images below.

Kanye will be focusing his 2022 efforts on the Yeezy Boost 350V2 pair. Kanye released the “Black Friday” pack earlier this year. In January, Kanye will release a Pure Oat pair and a Dazzling Blue pair. Pure Oat Yeezys will be the perfect color for spring.

As the Yeezy brand continues to expand, the future looks bright for Kanye West. A futurist and artist, West is already making the future possible. He has already unveiled a new Yeezy model for 2021 and is expected to release a water resistant version before the end of the decade.

Cleaning Yeezys requires a special detergent, not your regular laundry detergent. It’s best to use a mild detergent that will not damage the primeknit material. You can also use a specialist shoe cleaner to clean the insoles.

You need to keep your Yeezys clean, no matter if they are suede or leather. To remove dirt and grime, you can use a shoe brush. For suede Yeezys, you can use a dry suede brush.

New Yeezys 2022 Water-Friendly Sneaker
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