New York City Subway Shooting Calls For More Police

The tragic shooting at a New York City subway station has sparked debate over whether gun violence is a problem that needs a political solution. Although the incident received much media attention, the actual crime was not covered. Eric Adams, New York City’s Mayor, pledged to double the number subway police officers. 33 shell casings and a 9mm Glock semiautomatic pistol were found. Other items confiscated by police include undetonated smoke bombs, fireworks, gasoline, and even a hatchet.

Police are investigating whether the shooting was accidental. Police say the suspect was a black male. The suspect approached the woman from behind and shot her. As of Wednesday night, no suspects had been arrested. Police have not yet released the victim’s name. This New York City shooting is just the latest in a series of random attacks. Although the suspect may have been targeted because of his criminal history, it is not clear if his actions were deliberate or random.

Similar to the other shootings in the area, there have been calls for more officers to patrol the most dangerous areas. Police have recalled that they are targeting areas where gun violence is high. They cannot enforce these policies due to the high level of gun violence in the area. Additional officers will be assigned to areas with the highest levels of gun violence. Despite the high crime rate in New York City, there are still very few shootings. As of this month, eight43 shootings had occurred in the city – a drop of ten percent.

Many passengers fled the subway car to the other side after hearing the gunshots. A male on Goetz’s left exited the subway car. The woman near the center of the car was lying face down. The male on Goetz’s left exited the car and asked the frightened women if they were hurt. She was unable to answer and looked to the south end of the train. She remained still on her hands and covered her eyes. Soon after, the train’s conductor entered the car and loudly exclaimed, “What’s going on?”

A second fatal shooting took place in Queens, following the tragic weekend in Manhattan. While he was checking on a stranger, the man was shot in his neck and head. Despite a decrease in overall violence, Manhattan continues to see an increase in shootings. Although New York City’s crime rate is down in the boroughs, violence continues to plague the city on weekends. Don’t let gun violence stop you from getting the information you need if you’re in the city this weekend.

This shooting occurred on East 139th Street in Harlem. Darius Lee was one of the eight victims. He was a forward and guard for the Houston Baptist Huskies. The alleged killer killed his two victims and injured seven others in the incident. As of Thursday, the homicide rate in New York City has dropped nearly 8 percent since last year. The shooting was a tragic event that has shocked the city, but is still in its infancy.

New York City Subway Shooting Calls For More Police
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