New York Strip Steak Nutrition

Strip steak is a cut of beef from the short loin of cows. It is made from a muscle that does not do much work, the longissimus. This makes it tender. It is not as tender as nearby cuts such as the tenderloin and the psoas minor.

A moderately-sized New York strip steak contains about 23 grams of protein per three-ounce serving. That’s a little lower than chicken breast, but it still offers quite a bit of protein. Protein is important for building and repairing muscle, and along with carbohydrates, it fuels the body and helps you avoid energy slumps.

A New York strip steak contains about 551 calories per serving and about 1/8th of an inch of fat. This amounts to less than 2% of your Daily Value (DV). These are still healthy enough that you can eat more or less of them. But keep in mind that they’re still higher in saturated fat than chicken breast.

A New York Strip steak made from grass-fed New York beef contains 65% protein, 35 percent fat, and 550-600 calories per ounce. This is also a lean meat, so eating it in smaller portions is a better option if you’re trying to lose weight or cut back on your red meat intake.

H-E-B Grass Fed New York Strip is a great choice, as it is well-marbled. It’s also free from antibiotics and animal byproducts because it’s grass-fed. These cuts of beef can be cooked in a few minutes. These cuts of beef can be smoked or cooked under vide, and don’t need much tenderizing.

New York Strip Steak Nutrition
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