NFL Broadcaster Salary

If you’ve ever wondered about the average NFL broadcaster salary, it’s easy to find out if you’re in the right place. While the average salary is between $40-60,000, you can be certain that an announcer in New York will make more than someone who lives in Des Moines, Iowa. Find out how much NFL broadcasters earn. Listed below are some of the most popular NFL broadcasters and their annual salary ranges.

Tony Romo’s salary is the most talked about figure in NFL broadcasting. However, there’s no way to be certain. CBS recently announced that Romo will be earning at least $10.5million per year. Despite the glaring discrepancies, Romo’s salary is still quite high. His salary is nearly double that of Tony Romo, former Dallas Cowboys quarterback.

The salaries of NFL broadcasters can reach over $100k per year. This means that there are many people who want to get that job. It’s important to start college early because you will have to compete against hundreds of broadcasters. In addition to that, NFL broadcasters rarely disclose their exact salary. Therefore, the salary for an NFL announcer will probably vary widely depending on their experience. A broadcaster’s salary will likely increase as they build up their career.

Cris Collinsworth is a successful NFL broadcaster and has a lot of business ventures. Collinsworth hopes to sign a four-year deal with NBC that will pay him $12.5 million per season. NBC is said to be “deeply negotiating” with Collinsworth. Meanwhile, Tony Romo signed a ten-year deal worth $180 million with CBS, making him the highest-paid NFL broadcaster by 2020.

Michael Cole, another successful broadcaster, has a salary of $1.5million per year. He had a successful NFL career that included several MVP awards. He was also eligible to be inducted into Pro Football Hall of Fame. Unlike Strahan, Michael Cole has a diversified portfolio of interests and has also landed a couple of small acting roles. If you have a passion for sports, you may find the perfect broadcaster for your next job.

Al Michaels is another notable name in the NFL broadcaster salary list. His new contract with NBC will likely increase his salary for his remaining contract. Michaels is also rumored to be interested in working with ESPN’s Troy Aikman and is expected to make a big salary for the Super Bowl. Aikman’s contract runs out at the end of this year and his salary is set to jump even further.

Joe Buck is not only the highest-paid NFL broadcaster but he is also a high-profile broadcaster. He is a well-known broadcaster and sports commentator. He is partnered by Troy Aikman in NFL broadcasting. Joe Buck has a variety of high-profile roles in FOX. He is also the head commentator at the MLB World Series as well as the U.S. Open Golf Tournament. The two of them have been married for almost 10 years, and have twin boys.

NFL Broadcaster Salary
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