NFL Pro Set 1989

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The NFL Pro Set 1989 is an incredibly popular and collectible football card set that features the first draft class of the 1990s. The rookie class was so strong that the cards are highly sought after today. In 1989, the first pick by the Pro Sets was Deion Sanders. Sanders was the first player selected in the first round in 1989’s draft. He is also one of the most beloved rookie cards in NFL history.

The linebacker was a star who changed football. He was the Giants’ second overall pick in 1981 and was the defensive rookie champion of the year. He went on to win two Super Bowls and was inducted into the Pro Football Hall of Fame in 1999. His 1989 NFL Pro Set card is a perfect honor to this Hall of Famer and you can display it proudly in your home. It is highly collectable and has a PSA 10 rating.

The 1989 NFL Pro Set was unique and licensed by the NFL. The cards showed a small photo of the player, their personal information and a brief description of their careers. The first series of NFL Pro Set cards was published in team order, and it featured a variety of rookies. This set featured rookies such as Ernest Byner and Gizmo Williams.

Rison’s card was “The Greatest Football Card Nobody Talks About”. Rison was not meant to be in the NFL Pro Set. However, it was a very popular mistake. Rison’s card shows Rison unclipped. Rison’s card later showed a clipped belt which he corrected. It’s a great addition to any sports card collection. If you’re interested in learning more about Rison’s story, read the article below.

A very cheap way to purchase this first edition of NFL Pro Set 1989 is to look for packs at a show or on eBay. This card set is often available in cheap packs that only contain a few cards. Occasionally, you may find a sheet with 100 Pete Rozelle and William Perry cards for under a dollar. Check the back of your box to see the prices for individual cards when you purchase NFL Pro Set 1989 football cards.

Bo Jackson was a multi-sport athlete. His popularity soared in 1989. His rookie card is included in the 1989 Pro Set. The set also contains many other top rookie cards from 1989, including Michael Vick who was a standout player for the Dallas Cowboys. Many of his other legend players are also included in the 1989 set. He is the first player to be included on an NFL Pro Set 1989 card.

NFL Pro Set 1989
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