NFL Standings 1997

NFL standings for the 1997 season are available online. They include straight up and against the spread records. You can also see the points scored and allowed. Also, the DVOA ratings and commentary notes are included. These ratings are based on DVOA ratings from the Pro Football Prospectus. The league standings can help you determine which team is the best. The NFL standings can help you make your selection for the next season.

In the 77th NFL season, the Green Bay Packers finished with a 13-3 record and the NFC Central. The Packers scored 422 points and finished first in the NFC Central. Brett Favre led the Packers to an impressive 13-3 record and finished the season with 3,867 yards passing. Antonio Freeman and Dorsey Levs averaged eight yards each carry. The Packers made it to the NFC Championship game, but fell to the Denver Broncos in Super Bowl XXXII.

The season also saw several key changes in the NFL. While the Houston Texans finished with a record of 10-4, they failed to make the playoffs for the first time. The Philadelphia Eagles remained in the playoffs, but failed to advance because of a lack of star power. They lost two key players, including quarterback John Elway. Despite their success, Denver Broncos did not make it to the Super Bowl.

Despite the changes to the NFC standings Michigan was still the favourite to win the national title. They were ranked #1 in AP polls, and had the best chance to win the legendary national championship. However, the Big Ten fell by one spot, and the Michigan Blue Chips were forced to take the bitter pill of being runner-up. The same thing happened in 2004, but in a different way.

Both Nebraska and USC had strong seasons, but the top two teams were very different. The Chiefs had the best defense in the league in 1997 but only allowed 232 points during the regular season. Dana Stubblefield was also named Defensive Player-of-the Year. The Cardinals, meanwhile, had a poor season and finished ninth.

Other notable figures that are not well-known in the NFL are Heath Shuler and Rick Mirer. Both the Democratic and North Carolina-born quarterbacks are both Democrats. Both Shuler and Mirer were not among the best in DVOA. In the tight end positions, Shannon Sharpe, Ben Coates, and Wesley Walls led their respective teams. In his rookie season, however, neither player was particularly good. They all looked promising, but they didn’t develop much.

1997 was not a great year for conferences like the Big Ten or PAC 10. The SEC and Big 10 were not the best. The PAC 10 finished second, while the SEC was third. However, PAC 10 was second and ACC third. Those two conferences deservedly ranked in the top five. The ACC and PAC 10 were second and third, respectively. The Big Ten and PAC 10 ranked highly against nonconference opponents, but did not finish higher than the SEC or ACC.

NFL Standings 1997
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