Niantic Help Twitter

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To address the many issues gamers encounter when playing the Pokemon Go mobile game, Niantic has launched the @niantic help Twitter account. This account allows fans to easily find a number of other people who are interested in helping them play the game. The company is currently working on new initiatives such as a global ambassador program, and improved communication with its fans. Here are a few ways to use the account to your benefit:

Down Detector: This feature monitors social mentions on specific topics, such as the Pokemon Go game. It can also detect service outages, and tweets about them. Recent problems with the game have affected users in the US, Europe, and Japan. As such, many users have taken to social networks and Twitter to voice their frustration. In response to these reports, Niantic Help is actively working on a fix. The company encourages its fans to follow its Twitter account to receive updates.

Niantic Help Twitter
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