Nightbirde’s New Year’s Eve Music Video

Nightbirde made her debut on America’s Got Talent last spring. She left the show in August due to health reasons. Even so, her audition garnered international attention. After the show, she sat down with The RIOT and discussed her experiences. Despite being unable to continue on with the competition, Nightbirde’s message to fans stayed true.

Nightbirde was diagnosed in stage 4 breast cancer shortly after her AGT debut. She was just 31 when she lost her battle. It was her third time battling cancer. Her journey began when doctors discovered a four-centimeter tumor on her breast. After receiving chemotherapy, she was forced to have a double mastectomy.

Nightbirde was given three to six months to live when she was diagnosed. However, she showed incredible courage and endurance during her treatment and recovery. She underwent hormone therapy, targeted drugs, and chemotherapy. There were also options for surgery and radiation. This music video will be released on 26 November 2020.

Nightbirde’s New Year’s Eve Music Video
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