Nike Todos Women’s RN Review

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The Nike Todos RN is a running shoe with a cushioned midsole and outsole and recycled leather fabric. This fabric is highly durable with perforations in the toe area. Lightweight IU foam is used in the midsole and outsole to increase durability. The women’s TodosRN RN has a lightweight outsole and midsole that combine to provide superior comfort and durability. It weighs only 138 grams in size 10 for men.

The shoe is designed to be worn every day with a minimalist, sleek upper and a supportive middlesole. The Flyleather upper is made from sustainable materials, which keep your feet warm and reduces waste. It’s just as comfortable as full grain leather. From the midsole to upper, the classic Nike color palette of black-white is evident. This shoe looks great with joggers or athleisure clothing. A relaxed attitude is key when it comes to running shoes.

Nike Todos Women’s RN Review
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