Nikola Nikolaovic – Serbian Actor and Writer

Nikola Nikolaovic, a Serbian actor/writer, has appeared on several television programs. Most notable is his role as Stepan Petrovich Alexseev in the drama-sciii series “For All Mankind.” This series was created by Ronald D. Moore and gained worldwide recognition. Nikola’s portrayal of Alexseev earned him high praise from both the critics and audience alike. His role in the upcoming Netflix horror-sciii series ‘Stranger Things’ will make him a star in the series’ fourth season in 2022.

The characters Nikola meets on his journey to find love include Walter Sittler and Mariele Millowitsch. She’s a divorced mother of two. After her divorce, she takes a job at the Rheintalklinik hospital in Cologne, Germany. While working there, she encounters the egoistic Dr. Robert Schmidt, the chief physician of the hospital. Despite their differences, Nikola and Dr. Schmidt develop a romantic relationship.

In addition to his acting career, Nikola Djuricko has a successful YouTube channel and an instagram account. His most recent movie, ‘The Night Before Christmas,’ is currently being produced. Nikola Nikolaovic, the director of the popular series, has created an Instagram account to share photos of his family and life. Nikola has thousands of followers on Instagram and is active on the social media sites. Hopefully, he will be featured on the cover of many different magazines!

Nikola Nikolaovic – Serbian Actor and Writer
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