Nine Shootings in New Orleans in the Last Week

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Since Friday, there have been nine shootings in New Orleans, resulting in the deaths of four people and injuring fifteen more. The shootings are an indication of an ongoing problem with gun violence in the city. While New Orleans officials recently touted a decline in the city’s murder rate – it reached its lowest point since 1971 – the city has yet to experience a sustained decline. On Monday, there had been 138 murders. The average number of homicides in the city since June has been one per day. The city already has eleven homicides in July.

The shootings continued into Monday, when a man was shot in the West Bank. According to New Orleans police, the shooting occurred at around 3:30 p.m. Although the exact location of the shooting is not known, the suspect fled the scene in his gray sedan. The victims were taken to hospitals for treatment.

At least two people were killed and 12 were injured in the shootings, according to the New Orleans Police Department (NOPD). Two of the victims were critically injured, while the other two were killed at the scene. The motive for the shootings is still unknown, but police have vowed to continue their investigation.

Two more shootings took place in New Orleans on Sunday evening. One took place in the 3800 block of Elysian Fields before 5 p.m. The victim sustained multiple gunshot wounds and was taken to the hospital by private vehicle. A third incident occurred at around 9:48 p.m. near Frenchmen Street. The third incident was not reported by police.

In the last week, three major arrests were made by New Orleans Police Department. Two of them are in connection with a homicide that took place last month. The victim was found unresponsive and with gunshot wounds. Medical responders on the scene determined that he had died of a gunshot wound. The victim was identified as Conrad Noble by the Orleans Parish Coroner’s Office.

In the past year, several shootings in New Orleans have occurred. One occurred in the French Quarter and killed a 3-year-old girl. Another victim was a 7 year old girl riding in the car with his mother. In addition to these cases, a 12-year-old boy was shot and left to die on the street. In all, children under the age of 18 are the most frequently shot victims in the city.

Protesters also gathered in front of the Jefferson Parish Sheriff’s Office, which is located across from New Orleans. Many of the protesters carried signs bearing the names of the black men killed by JSPO. The protesters claim the cases have not been investigated thoroughly. Many protesters chanted “no justice and no peace” as well as “hands up, don’t shoot!”

Nine Shootings in New Orleans in the Last Week
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